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About Us

E Draghi & Sons LLC

80 Main Street (Route 17)

South Glastonbury, CT 06073

Phone: (860) 633-2197

Fax: (860) 633-5223
Hours: 7-
6 Daily until November 1, then we close at 5


We are open from the end of April until 12/24


Over the years the family visited friends and relatives on Matson Hill Road, the heart of the farm land in South Glastonbury. In 1917 a farm on Foote Road, just off of Matson Hill Road became available and the Draghis purchased it, naming it “A. Draghi & Sons”. At last this was like their homeland – rocky and hilly. It would be their home for the rest of their lives. The couple had six more children. Angelo, along with his sons and horse worked very hard to improve the farm by removing tons of rocks and stones and planting more fruit trees. Out of eight boys and one girl, the love of farming wore off on four boys and they too made their living farming.

After the passing of Angelo and Josephina Draghi Gino purchased the family homestead from the estate in 1961 and continued to work the farm with his brother Andrew as his partner. In order to support both families Gino and Andrew rented and worked other farmland. The business was known as Hi-Ground Orchards. In 1968 they purchased farmland and the farm stand located on Main Street in South Glastonbury.

In 1980, Gino’s son, Darrell, the third generation of the family, bought his Uncle Andrew’s share of Hi-Ground Orchards and became his father’s partner. The business was re-named to the current E. Draghi & Sons, LLC. They began a new endeavor, which would become a major part of their business. Darrell learned the greenhouse business and built greenhouses and began growing flowers. Now there are six greenhouses on the farm stand property, including a large, state-of-the art greenhouse which is used as the sales house. There is also a bakery in the farm stand where fresh pies, muffins, pastries, cookies, sweet and savory breads, quiches and much more are baked daily.

Although the business is now solely owned by Darrell, his mother Sandra and his sister Cheryl. In addition to Darrell and his family, “Draghi’s” hires people to serve their customers. Draghis strives to provide quality merchandise and a high level of customer service.

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